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Referral links

By using the following referral links, to sign up for the services of these companies, both, you and I will be paid a small commission. For more information please refer to the terms of use for each provider.


(Coinbase is one of the most famous and biggest crypto currency exchanges in the world)

Trade Republic:*

(Trade Republic is a great and cheap mobile broker to buy & sell stocks and ETF’s. Currently the service is offered in Germany only.)

eToro – social trading platform:*

(eToro is a great social trading platform, offering stocks, commodities and crypto currencies for trading. It also provides a virtual profile for beginners.)

Swipe – crypto wallet and VISA card:* (referral code 2ZUP1R)

(Swipe provides a crypto currency wallet, incl. VISA debit card, which offers the possibility to spend crypto currencies regularly)